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Tube King; here for the cyclists...

How Tube King started

TubeKing started from something we all know all too well, the pain of a puncture. At the time, to get a bike tube quickly meant going to the local bike shops. It was great for convenience, but the price always seemed too high, especially when we’d rather spend our money on upgrades or adventures. Plus, that's even if they had your size or type of tube, else it was the internet or specialist mail order. But back then speed wasn't paramount and it could still take days to get a tube. Which as we all know, when you want to go ride a day can feel like a week!

With TubeKing (Originally, Bike Tubes Direct!) we decided to try and bring the best of all worlds together. A case of the tubes you needed, in the time you wanted them all at a price that you wanted to pay. So we set about building a range of tubes with detailed specifications to help people find exactly what they were looking for. We made fast shipping standard coupled with dispatching as late as possible on the same day to get every customers tubes on way to them overnight.

Plus, to go one step further; enter the letterbox inner tube.  

The Original Letterbox Inner Tubes

Back in 2010 we started experimenting with letterbox fit inner tubes. You see even if we got the above benefits of product, price and speed all together there was one key advantage to overcome vs. the high street for convenience. It was that back then parcel deliveries were nowhere near as big as they are today (and the delivery solutions that we all now use). So, we wanted to guarantee you got your tubes no matter what.

By making the tubes letter box size, you never needed to be in to receive a package. Instead of coming home to 'Sorry we missed you' and then having to wait days to then go and collect your package from the depot. Whether you needed a single BMX tube, right through to a pack of 4 MTB tubes, they were always at home waiting for you when you got in. 

1,000,000 Tubes Later: TubeKing Now

We'd like to think we've helped out more riders with their tubes than any other company now, but for us everything still comes back to the fundamentals.

So whether you've got your first puncture, want to upgrade your tubes, need some backups for your next adventure, we hope to have what you need with both products and advice. With things like...

  • THE UK'S BIGGEST range of bike tubes

  • 500+ Sizes and specifications to fit all bikes

  • The Original Bike Tube Finder

  • SAME DAY Dispatch*


  • 90-DAY Returns

  • HUGE Knowledge Base

Over the years we've been fortunate enough to help out hundreds of thousands of riders. The method is simple, but its the hard won experience that's really helped us make a difference in bringing true value to customers and helping tailor a solution to your needs.

Everyday we still bring a benchmark combination of the products you want, delivered in the time you want and all at a price you want. It sounds simple but it's took us years to hone our craft; with consistency being the key with Tube King. We know how important your expectations are; we don't just want you to buy a tube, we want Tube King to keep you moving through your cycling journey from your first to last bike. 

Please feel free to have a look around, if you can't find something or need some advice, just contact us, we'd love to hear from you.

Tube King; here for the cyclists.


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