How to fit a bike inner tube

Changing a bike inner tube; in 10 steps

Items required:
- A replacement tube (that is the correct size, type and valve for you)
- A pump (a cycle hand pump or a foot pump, never use a powered / garage station pump)
- A 2 or 3 cycle tyre levers (never use old kitchen spoons)
1. Fully deflate the inner tube if required
2. Use the tyre levers to pull the tyre off the rim
3. Remove the old tube 
4. Check the tyre fully for foreign objects, either within or embedded within the tyre (This is extremely important, if something caused a puncture it is likely still there and will cause a new tube to puncture)
5. Inflate the new tube slightly, only enough for it to take a loose circular shape
6. Mount the tube, begin with placing the valve in the valve hole
7. Remount the tyre to the rim using tyre levers
8.Check to see the tube is not pinched in-between the tyre and rim (this is extremely important)
9. Inflate to proper pressure
10. Spin the wheel and look to see that the tyre spins smoothly, else if there is a 'lump' then deflate the tube immediately and repeat step 8
Note: This is merely a guide as to how the process of changing a tube is done and is in no way a guide nor is it professional advice. We suggest looking to other sources for a detailed guide and / or a qualified bicycle mechanic.
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