Looking for a great MTB pump? Well, we've pulled together some great options. However, this isn't a sales pitch! We've got a list together to highlight what features you can expect or look for when you're out to get your next (or first!) MTB pump.

It's all too easy to reel off a list of 'buy this top brand mini pump because we said so', so we hope even a quick skim over the list will help you know what sort of pump you need, plus the features and functions you like and the sort of price to look out for coupled with the brands that know pumps!

If you're a seasoned pro in the MTB world this won't be for you, but if you want the 101 of MTB mini pumps, then read on!


Lezyne Sport Drive HV (High Volume) Mini Pump

Wanting the job done at a decent price? Then the Lezyne Sport Drive HV could be for you. With it's Compact size, but large volume calibre, it fits in your bag a treat and packs a serius punch when it comes to inflation. It's aluminimum body means strong and light, plus to keep costs down the pump head is made from ABS, meaning it's strong, light and durable.

To make inflation easy, internally hidden is it's hose flex, which means you can get your MTB tyres inflated fast without worrying about damaging your valve as the flex will compensate the movement. Setup for either Schrader or Presta valve and it also comes with a frame mount (both clips in and has a velcro strap so it's super secure). Whats not to love?  

Check out the Lezyne Sport Drive HV on Tube King here

MSRP £22.00

  • Light weight, compact and durable body
  • HV High Volume shot for fast inflation of large tyres
  • Hose Flex for easy and safe inflation
  • Schrader / Presta valve compatible
  • Frame Mount - Both clip and velcro strap for added security






Lezyne Tech Drive HV (High Volume) Mini Pump

Wanting to up the ante over the Lezyne Sport Drive HV? Might be worth having a look at the Lezyne Tech Drive HV. The key difference is the build quality. It's a full CNC aluminimum body. So you get an even stronger and lighter pump over the Sport Drive HV. Still coming in with it's hose flex for easy inflation. Plus it's of course schrader and presta compatible.


Finally, like all Lezyne mini pumps, you get a frame mount. But this one comes with a clip for the main body, the pump head and a velcro strap for double security meaning it's going nowhere while you're on the move. With the CNC finish, they look really trick in either all black or silver finishes.
MSRP £35.00


  • Light weight, compact and durable CNC body
  • HV High Volume shot for fast inflation of large tyres
  • Hose Flex for easy and safe inflation
  • Schrader / Presta valve compatible
  • Frame Mount - Both clip and velcro strap for added security



Crank Brothers Gem Short Mini-Pump

They say it perfectly themselves the Crankbrothers Gem Short Mini-Pump is "Crank Brothers design and quality in an affordable package". It comes with a reversible valve head, so you'll always be setup for your valve of choice, which if we're picking faults with other pumps, it can be a little annoying that you have to adjust them for each use.


Also, a great feature with the CB Gem pump is it can switch from low to high volume with the flick of a switch. So you're getting two pumps in one here. Okay it might not be a function that every MTB rider needs but its nice to know its a pump of such high quality it has that function. Perhaps look at it as a testament to its design and at a seriously good price. Also its aluminium body construction keeps it punching above its weight with more quality there too. All in all its a great pump, from a great brand at a great price.


MSRP £21.99


  • Crank Brother design and build quality
  • 5 year warranty
  • Compact, strong, light, durable aluminium main construction
  • Low volume 1 - 40 PSI mode / High volume 40 - 100 PSI mode
  • Schrader and Presta valve compatible



Crankbrothers Klic HV Mini-Pump

As ever its mighty pumping power in a compact quality package from Crank Brothers. This time with the CB Klic HV mini pump. Its priced more than the Gem but you're getting more fire power and features for you money. Now its a pump that comes with or without a pressure gauge, which is a great option to choose from. However, in our humble opinion, the pressure gauge isn't as accurate as a dedicated pressure gauge. But, if you're someone who isn't that hot on your pressures, then its a great addition as it gets you into the ball park of where you want your pressure to be, but if you want true accuracy, you might want to use a digital gauge. 


It also comes with a hose that stashes inside the main body which is hidden away behind a rotating cover, a real bonus for MTB as it prevents muck and dust getting at those precious threads (especially if you carry your pump on your bike and not in your bag). The T-handle head is a welcome addition too making ease on every inflation stroke. So if you want all the bells and whistles from Crank Brothers, the Klic is well worth a look.



MSRP £37.99


  • Aluminium Construction
  • With or without pressure gauge
  • Internal hose flex
  • Schrader / Presta valve
  • 5 year warranty


Topeak Race Rocket MT Mini Pump (MTB High Volume Pump)

For similar money as the Crank Brothers Klic is the Topeak Race Rocket MT. it's the more premium end of the scale and nearly twice the price of the Lezyne Sport Drive HV. So what are you getting for this? In a word less! You see moving away from pressure gauges, magnetic attachments and switches that change your pressure output, with the Topeak Rocket MT less is more.


It's a well sorted, solid, quality piece of kit. Boring stuff is it's CNC, goes up to 90 PSI, has a built in valve core tightener/removal tool, side mounting bracket, etc. But all those boring things add up to a really nice premium mini MTB pump.
Plus its hose is hidden inside of the main body with an integral dust cap to keep things clean and one other advantage over other pumps that need the flex attaching, the Rocket MT comes with the flex always attached (no exposed threads or fiddling with it when you're hands are cold). Not to mention the colours it comes in just make it look the business in our opinion.


MSRP £41.99


  • CNC aluminimum construction
  • Smarthead Threadlock with integral dust cap
  • Built in valve core tool to tighten or remove presta valve cores
  • Side mount bracket included
  • Pressure to 90 PSI



Topeak Mountain Morph (MTB Mini / Floor Pump)

We finish up our list with another big hitter from Topeak. The winner of Bicycling Magazine (USA's) "Best Overall Pump" Award and it's easy to see why. Okay, it's technically not a total mini pump, however unlike a road bike (high pressure) pump an MTB pump is all about moving air and lots of it. Because the Mountain Morph comes with a frame mounting bracket and its only 250g, in our funny way of looking at it it's similar to a mini pump but with even more advantages.


For a little extra size, the Morph MTB is packing some serious gains. You get a folding foot support to make it easier to really steady things and get your inflation on. Plus in combination with the T-Handle it transforms into a mini track pump, allowing you to get air volumes moves fast without fatigue. All in all it's a mini pump with the benefits of a track pump. Either way, it straps to your frame out the way like a mini pump and it's surprisingly less than the Race Rocket MT, so it's still well in the price range of a mini pump too.



MSRP £36.99


  • Premium quality construction
  • Padded T-Handle for comfort
  • Frame mount included
  • 160 PSI 
  • Schrader / Presta Valve


So, which MTB pump is right for me?

Well, any pump is better than no pump. But we think that it's worth investment in a good quality one. Not only will it last many years, it won't let you down when you least need it. having a pump with the features and functions you want might make a premium pump quite an outlay, but if you look at it as an investment, the extra money you spend will pay dividends down the line. Which ever pump you go for you won't go wrong with an MTB mini pump from the likes of Lezyne, Crank Brothers or Topeak.


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