Unleashing Innovation: Embrace Excellence with Eclipse Inner Tubes

Are you searching for top-quality inner tubes that take your cycling experience to new heights? Look no further than our Eclipse Inner Tubes collection. Combining cutting-edge technology, unparalleled lightweight design, and unbeatable durability, these tubes are right up there with the best, if not could be the best.

Not only do you get some of, if not the lightest tubes in each of the size classes, you get class leading ultra low rolling resistance. Which if we're not mistaken is the name of the game with this type of tube. Plus, and we think this is paramount, you've got removable valve cores! Which could be the single barrier to buying this type of tube as no-one likes to bend and snap a valve stem. A slight mistake with a non-removable core could be nearly £30 in the bin. It could be argued that Eclipse are the name to beat in the TPU arena. 

 eclipse inner tube valve length comparison 40mm and 70mm rolled up

Eclipse inner tubes example being stored in cycling pocket and bag


Eclipse Race 25:

Experience the best of both worlds with this super lightweight tube made from premium TPU material. Weighing just 30g, it's one of the lightest tubes on the market, perfect for a smooth and efficient ride. Its removable presta valve core adds a unique selling point, making valve replacement or compatibility with valve extenders a breeze.


Eclipse Race ULTRA 25:

For those craving extreme lightweight performance, this tube weighs a mere 19.5g, offering unmatched speed without compromising strength. With a removable presta valve core, customization and maintenance are effortless, setting it apart from the competition.

Eclipse Road Endurance:

Seeking reliability without added weight? The Endurance tube, weighing only 44g, is perfect for tire sizes 622x28/35, ensuring a durable and seamless ride. Its low rolling resistance outperforms competitors, offering an edge in performance.

Eclipse Road Endurance ULTRA:

An ultralight companion for tire sizes 622x25/35, weighing just 27g, this tube elevates your cycling adventure with its exceptional performance. Its removable presta valve core enhances convenience, while its low rolling resistance ensures a smooth and efficient ride.

Eclipse Gravel:

Conquer rough terrains with ease using this ultra lightweight tube designed for tire sizes 622x30/45, weighing 61g, ensuring a durable and stable ride. Enjoy its low rolling resistance, making it a standout choice among TPU tubes.

Eclipse MTB 27.5 and MTB 29:

Embrace the trail with these ultra lightweight TPU tubes, perfect for tire sizes 622x50-65mm (29") or 584x50-65mm (27.5"). With weights ranging from 62g to 69g, these tubes are the ideal companions for your mountain biking escapades. Featuring removable presta valve cores and the lowest rolling resistance among TPU tubes, they offer unbeatable performance.

Eclipse Brompton:

Specifically tailored for Brompton bikes, this tube in size 349x37mm (16") weighs only 35g, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable city ride. Its removable presta valve core makes maintenance hassle-free, while its low rolling resistance sets it apart from competitors.


Folded eclipse inner tube



Discover Eclipse's Innovative Edge:

The Eclipse brand has been at the forefront of TPU tube technology since 2011. These tubes, with their removable presta valve cores, guarantee convenience and versatility, making them a standout choice. Additionally, their low rolling resistance, often surpassing competitors, ensures high performance and speed. Eclipse's patented technologies for tube-end joining and valve assembly further elevate their superiority.


Environmentally Conscious:

Eclipse TPU inner tubes are 100% recyclable, embodying sustainability and responsibility. After their use as high-end alternatives to traditional butyl tubes, they enter a second life cycle as sealing or insulation material, reducing environmental impact.

Embrace excellence with Eclipse Inner Tubes and elevate your cycling journey to new horizons. Experience lightweight superiority, innovative technology, and un-compromised performance with each ride. Unleash the full potential of your ride with Eclipse!


Eclipse inner tube boxed


We've got the full range. Get yours today!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to own these top-of-the-line, lightweight tubes with removable valve cores, guaranteeing unmatched performance on your rides. Whether you're a road cyclist, a mountain biker, or a city rider, Eclipse Inner Tubes cater to every journey. Check out Tube King today and explore our exclusive collection of Eclipse Inner Tubes to find the perfect fit for your bike. Don't wait, upgrade your ride with Eclipse Inner Tubes at Tube King now!


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