Whats that? Smart Tube Repair Kits? Yup, sighs of relief all round, phew! They're here, they've landed, your Smart Tube Puncture problems are no more.

Tubolito and Pirelli have their repair kits now available for all your Smart Tube (TPU tube) needs. So if you've got a punctured TPU tube now is the time to get them repaired. However, we shudder to think many riders have simply been throwing away £25 tubes each time when they've punctured. Ouch.

You'll be very happy to know that not only can punctures now be fixed, but you get a very generous amount of repair kit action in the way of 10 patches in each kit. Talk about great value, Pirelli come in at £5.99 a kit, Tubolito come in at £4.99 a kit (Prices accurate at time of typing). 

So when we say, repair your tubes you'll be saving moeny. In the case of Smart Tubes from Tubolito and Pirelli, you'll be saving a absolute fortune!


Tubolito Repair Kit / Tubolito Flix-Kit

  • Specially developed Flix-Kit to repair all tubolito products.
  • Contains 5 large and 5 small patches including glue cartridge


Tubolito Repair Kit / Tubolito Flix-Kit


Pirelli Repair Kit

  • Specifically developed to repair Pirelli SmarTube products
  • Contains 5 large and 5 small patches including glue
  • Get yours now

Smart Tube Repair Kits


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